LOC Derby Registration

PLEASE READ FIRST! YOU CAN ONLY REGISTER ONE PERSON AT A TIME! Your invoice number is what you present to weigh fish. Please print your receipt or write down the number in a safe place. You will NOT be receiving anything in the mail. YOU WILL RECEIVE A RECEIPT AT THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU ENTER WHEN YOU REGISTER. 

If you are registering multiple people you MUST enter each person separately so everyone has an invoice number. You no longer have to wait for your registration card to be sent from the office.  

Select the derby that you would like to participate in below. If you are registering yourself, you can select multiple derbies, example Spring and Fall and go through the registration process.

If you are registering other people, YOU NEED TO ENTER THEM ON SEPERATE ORDERS. Your information will be the billing information and uncheck the "Derby entrant same as billing" box and enter the persons information on the next screen.

ONE DAY PASS ENTRANTS PLEASE READ: On the last page of the registration at the top there is a place to enter in the date you want your pass to be valid.

If you have any questions or problems please call the office at 315-333-5213 or email us at locderby@aol.com and we will straighten it out.